Reel Mood Token

Pre-ICO stage 2 - starts in:

A token crowdfund campaign

powered by Coinbase, Blockpass & TrustSwap


To stay SEC compliant, we have partnered with the following services to handle

authenticity and security of all token transactions and distribution.

All Tokens purchased during pre-sale will be made into  smart contracts through Trust Swap until deployment into your ETH wallet.

Smart Contract addresses will be sent 4-5 business days after purchase.

Total Pre- ICO Token Purchase: 8

40% of unsold tokens will be sent to a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange.
The remaining will be burned at the end of the ICO


Breakdown of Token Recipients



Token Distributed 14 days after ICO

Frequently asked questions


When can I purchase Reel Mood Tokens?

The Reel Mood ICO is conducted in 4 stage phases. See above for dates and phase information. Once the phase period is launched, you can purchase tokens using Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin through our Coinbase gateway or Fiat based pay via Paypal.

What is ICO cryptocurrency?

ICOs are another way to crowdfund cryptocurrency projects that businesses & startups use to raise capital for project development.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase? Can I pay using a credit card?

You can use Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or Fiat Currency (US dollar, Pound, The Euro, Yen... etc). Coinbase—one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges—allows you to purchase using bank accounts, debit card, and wire transfer. You can also use paypal as an acceptable payment method to link to your account.

How do I benefit from Reel Mood ICO tokens?

Our ICO provides the opportunity for global investors to invest in a new coin before it hits the public exchange and market. Our coin will also act as the networks currency to exchange, purchase and buy goods with amongst streamers. Buying Reel Mood tokens during ICO guarantees up to a 50% discount bonus of extra tokens.

What wallet do I need to store Reel Mood Tokens?

Any ETH wallet is required for token distribution. We suggest using Meta Mask: ETH Wallet:

Are there any extra bonuses for large investors

Yes. For a limited time during our pre-ICO round, we are giving large investors 1.5% equity for minimum starting investments amounts at $200,000.

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