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This Week In K-Pop: August 16 – Pentatonix & ATEEZ, Hanhae, Jenyer, And More

This week in K-Pop is full of new releases from heavy hitters such as Red Velvet, Tomorrow by Together, and Pentagon. We also heard releases from industry veterans such as Jenyer, formerly known as Jiyoon from 4Minute, IONE, formerly known as Taeha from SPEED, and ex-Phantom member, Hanhae

However, one of the biggest surprises this week came from ATEEZ as they released a collaboration, “A Little Space”, with the Texas-based a cappella group, Pentatonix. A South Korean online platform, Naver reported that Pentatonix reached out to ATEEZ after hearing them perform. The news of this collaboration first broke when the a cappella group posted a photo on Instagram with three silhouettes on Wednesday. Fans quickly figured out these silhouettes were of ATEEZ members: San, Yunho, and Jongho. The group’s confirmation on Thursday followed it.

August 16 

Haebin – “Float

Woo TaeWoon x IONE (ft. Yoon Bomi ) – “Vaccine

ATEEZ x Kim Jong Kook – “Be My Lover” 

F.ABLE – “Run Run Run” 


Park Doha – “Dear. My side

Jvde Milez – “The Light

vaultboy (ft. Eric Nam) – “everything sucks

Red Velvet- “Queendom” 

August 17

CIX – “Wave” 

GRAY ft. ZION.T – “Make Love” 

SOLIA – “Dream

LEMONADE (레몬에이드) – “Lemonade

LYSON – “Marigold

INTO1 – “The Storm Center

Punch, Ha SungWoon – “Johnny



August 18

POSHGIRLS – “Got Chu” 

PENTAGON – “Cerberus” 

DAVICHI – “Looking At The Photo” 

Jin denim – “Eternal

JMIN – “I Swear” 

August 19

CRAVITY – “Gas Pedal”

LUMINOUS – “Dreaming Luminous

Yang Joon – “Shut Up, I Love You

August 20

Beomhan x Roda – “Ashes

LUCY – “동문서답 (Irrelevant Answer)

Hanhae (Feat. Nucksal, Layone) – “Lay Back” 

Seung Hee – “Dear My Nights

Pentatonix ft. ATEEZ – “A Little Space”

August 21

DIOS – “Touch me

Jenyer (ft. Heo Gayoon) – “SOOP”

August 22

NOA (ft. AB6IX’s Jeon Woong) – “Let Go” 

BOOKKU DDOONG (부끄뚱) (ft. Ravi) – “은근히 낯가려요” 

Seori (ft. eaJ) – “Dive with you” 

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