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Mamamoo Celebrates 7th Anniversary With New Album

The iconic quartet Mamamoo is back with a compilation album, ‘I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST’, to celebrate their 7th anniversary. This is the first full album from the quartet since member Whee In ended her contract with RBW Entertainment. However, she will be a part of Mamamoo’s activities until her “extended agreement” with the label expires in 2023. 

This new album consists of 2 new songs, ‘mumumumuch’ and ‘Happier Than Ever‘. The rest of the album is a revisiting of their discography. Twenty-one of their most popular songs were chosen for this project. The songs range from their pre-debut song, ‘Peppermint Chocolate,’ to their most recent releases, ‘AYA.’

The album includes a variety of remixes of their newer songs, ranging from orchestral to rock. What has fans excited is that the group also re-recorded many of their older songs for this album to highlight how their sound has evolved. These songs include, ‘Mr. Ambiguous’, ‘Don’t Be Happy,’ ‘Décalcomanie,’ and many more. 

Can You Hear The Difference Between 2014 & 2021 Mamamoo?

It’s easy to hear the differences between the original tracks and the re-recorded tracks. For example, the original ‘Piano Man’ is a simple but elegant track. However, ‘Piano Man 2021’ starts with a much more sultry sound thanks to Hwasa’s husky voice, the harmonization from the other members, and the piano accompaniment. It then delves into a powerful sound, thanks to the added guitars, drums, and quartets’ vocals. For fans of the group, the differences between the re-recorded songs and the original tracks are as clear as day. It’s a real treat to hear the group’s overall sound growth and the confidence the quartet developed in their voices over the years. 

To celebrate the album’s release, the quartet rented out a hotel room where they sat around eating, drinking, and talking about the work that went into the album. The quartet expressed that they were excited to revisit their past music and create versions that highlight their growth and vocal prowess during the interview. The group ended the interview with a live performance of ‘mumumumuch.’

Check out the album’s title track, ‘mumumumuch’ and stream ‘I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST’

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