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Majid Jordan Announce Highly Anticipated New Album ‘Wildest Dreams’

It’s been nearly four years since R&B duo Majid Jordan released their debut album ‘The Space Between .’ With three new singles out this year, fans wonder when their next album can be expected. Signed to OVO Sound, the record label co-founded by Drake, the duo first received recognition back in 2014 for their EP ‘A Place Like This’ as well as their feature on Drake’s wildly popular single ‘Just Hold On, We’re Going Home’ which the duo also co-produced.

After their album release in late 2017, the pair put out a couple of singles in 2018 and have remained relatively silent since. With no new music and an extended hiatus from social media, fans patiently waited to hear from the duo, consisting of Canadian-based singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman

Majid Jordan broke their silence earlier this year with their single ‘Waves of Blue’, a perfectly relaxed and positive comeback tune. In a tweet, Majid Jordan shared insight on their new chapter:

Waves of Blue was made at the very beginning of this album, and it only makes sense that we begin our next chapter with this song. This song is like staring at the sea – you’re not in the water, but you’re getting carried away by its currents. It’s the story of someone’s desire to love and to be lost in that love.

Following ‘Waves of Blue’ they released ‘Been Through That’ in mid-June of 2021, which they stated was made because:

All of us have had days where we go through it – we hold in stresses and traumas, and we breeze over top of them and distract ourselves, and then every once in a while they hit us all at once.

Finally, we are given their most recent track, ‘Summer Rain,’ that promises fans that the height of summer isn’t over quite yet. This upbeat track is equipped with lyrics about an unexpected love discovered out of nowhere, similar to how a summer rainstorm might unexpectedly break through a sweltering heatwave.

I’ll take the ride with you, wherever you want me to
I can’t resist when you’re looking at me, I’m gone

Lost in the heatwave, but you came
You came like the summer rain

On September 20th, Majid Jordan tweeted, “Big news coming this week,” and fans could hardly contain themselves.

No news came that week, but on 3rd October, the announcement finally came – that their third album titled ‘Wildest Dreams’ is dropping on October 22nd.

What are your thoughts about the announcement? Are you looking forward to the album? Let us know in the comments below.

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