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Finneas Gives His Thoughts On Autotune Following Billie Eilish’s Release Of ‘NDA’

By now, the world is pretty familiar with the dynamic duo which consists of the talented singer Billie Eilish and her genius songwriter/producer older brother, Finneas, who is one half of the mastermind behind her award-winning music.

To date, Finneas has co-written and produced Billie’s debut EP ‘Don’t Smile at Me’, her debut full-length album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ as well as Billie’s upcoming sophomore album which drops July 30, 2021, ‘Happier Than Ever’. In total, the siblings have earned 15 Grammy awards.

The singer recently released the fifth song from ‘Happier Than Ever’. In the song titled ‘NDA’, Billie and Finneas experiment with the use of autotune in this ethereal, bass-heavy track. She also accompanied the release with a self-directed, single-take music video in which the artist walks down a dark deserted road all while cars furiously zoom past her equipped with highly talented (and professional) stunt drivers.

Last week the duo performed ‘NDA’ live on YouTube and fans were quick to share their disapproval with Billie’s intentional use of autotune. They argued that a singer with a voice as powerful as hers should steer clear of the tool. Finneas took to Twitter to speak out on the topic, “Y’all act like auto tune is this crutch people lean on when they can’t sing, autotune is COOL- if you can hear autotune, it’s on purpose.

Almost every single pop star’s vocals are DRENCHED in melodyne and you probably can’t even tell. Autotune is completely different.” Thankfully, Finneas is here to set the record straight that he and his sister’s only intention is to create art, and if the occasional use of autotune helps them in doing so, then they will continue to make hit after hit, regardless of what a few disapproving fans have to share on social media. 

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