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Author: Tonte Bo Douglas

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Kendrick Lamar has undoubtedly been quiet in the past few years, having not released a project of any type since 2018. His last musical project was the ‘Black Panther’ album in 2018, and before that, ‘DAMN’ in 2017, which was his

Ed Sheeran’s announcements are always seen as colossal news, with him being one of the most prominent artists in the world, and his latest announcement is no different. After the success of his latest single ‘Bad Habits,’ along with the Fumes

Destiny's Child has got all of social media in a frenzy now as some subtle changes to the group's official social media have fans all over the world speculating on new music coming from them soon. Vigilant fans had spotted that

Lizzo has always been one of the artists that get people talking at every instance. Whenever she does….anything, people talk about it, which is a true testament to the impact that Lizzo has on pop culture regardless of what people

R.A.E has been a breath of fresh air in the game. With music that feels like a modern version of throwback R’n’B, her sound defines ‘good vibes.’  Her latest song and video for ‘Mine’ is all about fun and personality. With

After a long and arduous period for Britney Spears, she finally appears to have been freed as Jamie Spears has officially removed his role as Britney's lead caretaker after a 13 year period of him being in control over her

Ed Sheeran's return to the musical spotlight with his release of 'Bad Habits' proved to be massively successful with the video racking up over 108 million views on YouTube since the upload date and millions of streams on all platforms.

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